The Adventures of Reba

2023-05-26: San Diego, CA After Thanksgiving, Beau and I were reunited and I recovered from my cold. Cue something in our …Caryn

2023-05-25: Tucson, AZ The day after Thanksgiving, Beau took the rental car to Roswell, NM to stay in a missile silo AirBnB …Caryn

2023-05-25: Nogales, AZ In all my years I think I’ve only spent two Thanksgivings away from family - a Friendsgiving I …Caryn

2023-05-24: Nogales, AZ We stayed at Patagonia Lake State Park near Nogales, AZ for part of the Thanksgiving weekend, mostly …Caryn

2023-05-22: Cave Creek, AZ After 9 days in Hawaii and a few days with family in Nevada, we headed back on the road again! On …Caryn

2023-05-21: Maui, HI Just a few more photos to share from Hawaii and then we’ll move on. It really was such a lovely …Caryn

2023-05-20: Maui, HI While in Maui we visited the Maui Ocean Center, an aquarium, and on our last full day in Hawaii we …Caryn

2023-05-19: Maui, HI Here are some more photos from our drive to Hana and Haleakala. It really was a gorgeous day, but we …Caryn

2023-05-18: Maui, HI We drove the road to Hana and visited both the beach and summit visitor centers of Haleakala …Caryn

2023-05-18: It's been a while... Oh my, it’s been a while since we updated the blog! We last left off in Hawaii at the end of …Caryn

2022-12-08: Maui, HI Sea salt air and sand everywhere, we went to the beach nearly every day we were there. After a …Caryn

2022-12-05: Maui, HI Beau’s mom called us a couple months ago and asked what we were doing in November, she said she …Caryn

2022-12-01: Road Life A few odds and ends from life on the road…Caryn

2022-12-01: Boulder City, NV We visited the Hoover Dam, which I’d never done before! The guy at the security inspection told us …Caryn

2022-11-30: Tucson, AZ Our last night at Gilbert Ray the sky really put on a show! After that we started making our way …Caryn

2022-11-23: Saguaro National Park We visited Saguaro National Park, which is actually two separate parks! We went to the west park, …Caryn

2022-11-22: Tucson, AZ We were both born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, among tall evergreen trees and “don’t mind …Caryn

2022-11-21: McNeal, AZ One of the most amazing experiences of my life was in February when we visited the winter roosting …Caryn

2022-11-11: Beach Vacation (I had hoped to get caught up on blog posts this week, but we’re on a beach vacation 🏝️ so the …Caryn

2022-11-05: The Very Large Array Our next stop was a visit to the Very Large Array (VLA), which only just reopened to the public! …Caryn

2022-11-03: Taos, NM While in Taos we visited the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge (beautiful views!), the earthships …Caryn

2022-11-02: Taos, NM While on a tour in Marfa, TX we started talking with a woman and mentioned we live in an RV. “You’re …Caryn

2022-10-31: Alamogordo, NM Last time we were in Alamogordo Beau had a very long beard and we boondocked at Dog Canyon Dispersed …Caryn

2022-10-30: White Sands National Park Since we were in the area we decided to stop at White Sands National Park again (but the real reason …Caryn

2022-10-29: Trinity Site We did something you can only do two days per year! We visited the Trinity Site, the location of the …Caryn

2022-10-28: Marfa, TX This is our second visit to Marfa, Texas, one of the few places we’ve returned to (so far) on our …Caryn

2022-10-28: Big Bend National Park Some more photos and a video from Big Bend. Sam Nail Ranch Can you see our new tarantula friends? …Caryn

2022-10-21: Big Bend National Park Our weekend at Big Bend National Park was crammed full of activities! We drove the Ross Maxwell …Caryn

2022-10-20: Terlingua, TX The sunsets here were absolutely spectacular! We stayed at an RV park just outside of Big Bend …Caryn

2022-10-20: Albuquerque, NM It took 11 hours for us to get from Zion to Albuquerque, it was a windy day and there was a mini …Caryn

2022-10-17: Zion National Park Zion was our last stop in Utah and the last of the Mighty 5 parks, it also had the longest wait at …Caryn

2022-10-14: Zion National Park While we ended up getting a permit for Angels Landing (recommend Googling a video of this hike 😳), …Caryn

2022-10-10: Zion National Park The last of the Mighty 5 parks we visited, I wondered if Zion would live up to the hype, if it would …Caryn

2022-10-07: Bryce Canyon National Park We went to Bryce on National Public Lands Day, probably among their busiest days, and admittedly we …Caryn

2022-10-05: Bryce Canyon National Park Bryce Canyon National Park has more hoodoos, a type of rock spire, than anywhere else in the world, …Caryn

2022-10-03: Capitol Reef National Park Capitol Reef National Park has the largest orchards in the National Park System, and you can pick …Caryn

2022-10-01: Capitol Reef National Park Capitol Reef is a monocline, a fold or wrinkle in the earth, and the resulting rock formations are …Caryn

2022-09-29: Moab, UT If you go to Moab, stay at Dead Horse Point State Park. It’s very close to Canyonlands National Park …Caryn

2022-09-28: Canyonlands National Park Canyonlands has 4 districts - Island in the Sky, The Needles, The Maze, and the rivers that divide …Caryn

2022-09-27: Arches National Park A few of my favorite photos that we took at Arches National Park! Plus a video at the end. One of …Caryn

2022-09-27: Arches National Park Arches is an incredible park, we only barely scratched the surface. This was a long travel day for …Caryn

2022-09-27: Arches National Park Arches is another park that has a timed entry system, our reservation was for 4-5p, which I had …Caryn

2022-09-26: Road Life Realities Day 1 - Great Sand Dunes National Park Day 2 - We drove back to Colorado Springs to pick up a couple …Caryn

2022-09-25: Yucca House National Monument As the sun was rising we made one last stop before leaving Colorado to the Yucca House National …Caryn

2022-09-24: Mesa Verde National Park A few more photos and videos from our time at Mesa Verde National Park. There were 5 fires in the …Caryn

2022-09-23: Mesa Verde National Park We loved getting to hike down to Cliff Palace, despite my fear of heights I managed the steep steps …Caryn

2022-09-22: Mesa Verde National Park We decided to take a tour of Mesa Verde and of course ended up being the youngest people by at least …Caryn

2022-09-22: Mesa Verde National Park We arrived at Mesa Verde National Park in the dark and left in the dark too, but also drove the main …Caryn

2022-09-22: Behind the scenes Caryn

2022-09-22: Great Sand Dunes National Monument The sand dunes at Great Sand Dunes National Park were big and it was a tough hike up: Steep, sandy, …Caryn

2022-09-21: Pueblo, CO We spent several days at Lake Pueblo State Park enjoying the lake view, the sunsets and sunrises, …Caryn

2022-09-15: Colorado Springs, CO A few more of the memorabilia from the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs… …Caryn

2022-09-15: Colorado Springs , CO Next we visited the US Olympic and Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs! I had seen a fellow …Caryn

2022-09-15: Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Before leaving the mountains we stopped at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, where redwoods …Caryn

2022-09-15: Colorado Springs, CO On Saturday we visited Garden of the Gods, a free national natural landmark in the middle of …Caryn

2022-09-14: Divide, CO Mueller State Park. Sometimes the beauty of a place will completely surprise me. We look at maps and …Caryn

2022-09-12: Denver, CO We left Rocky Mountain National Park and drove to Denver with a quick, and expensive, stop in …Caryn

2022-09-08: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) Monday we went on a fun adventure: Driving the highest continuous paved road in North America and …Caryn

2022-09-07: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) Sunday was a rest day, filled with reading and hobbies and lounging about. I’ve never read Hemingway …Caryn

2022-09-06: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) We took a free shuttle from Rocky Mountain National Park to the gateway community of Estes Park, CO. …Caryn

2022-09-05: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) On our first full day in Rocky Mountain National Park we took a short hike to and around Sprague …Caryn

2022-09-04: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) A compilation of videos from our drive into Rocky Mountain National Park via Roosevelt National …Caryn

2022-09-04: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) Hello from Rocky Mountain National Park! We spent most of the first evening here reading books among …Caryn

2022-08-31: Loveland, CO Hot days and cool nights, a lovely lake view, a beautiful sunset, and a place to call home for a few …Caryn

2022-08-29: South Dakota When travel days land on the weekend, you make ALL the stops! We visited THREE national monuments on …Caryn

2022-08-28: Crawford, NE Here’s a short video compilation from Fort Robinson State Park too:Caryn

2022-08-28: Crawford, NE This is Fort Robinson State Park in Crawford, NE and it is amazing! After an hour of driving at the …Caryn

2022-08-25: Chamberlain, SD Yesterday we visited the Dignity statue in Chamberlain, SD. A 50-foot tall statue of a woman …Caryn

2022-08-23: Fort Pierre, SD The first weekend I moved to Nashville for college there was a lightning storm like I’d never …Caryn

2022-08-23: Bismarck, ND Our friends’ road trip intersected with ours and for a couple of hours we got to converse in real …Caryn

2022-08-21: Bismarck, ND Here are some more photos from around Bismarck, ND. In college I interned for a Tennessee State …Caryn

2022-08-20: Bismarck, ND While Beau did more genealogy research in the state’s archives, I wandered around the capitol …Caryn

2022-08-19: Fargo, ND / Moorhead, MN Last weekend we went to Fargo ND / Moorhead MN. We only stayed one night because there are …Caryn

2022-08-18: Carlsbad Caverns National Park (Carlsbad, NM) Flashback to our visit to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, February 2022. Pictures can’t do it …Caryn

2022-08-18: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park, CO) When you’re trying to book a campsite at Rocky Mountain National Park: Filter for RV-allowed …Caryn

2022-08-17: Fort Ransom, ND Yesterday I was reminded that in life there’s never enough time allotted, the end often comes too …Caryn

2022-08-16: Fort Ransom, ND This week we’ve been enjoying Fort Ransom State Park in the Sheyenne River Valley. The park is full …Caryn

2022-08-15: Langdon, ND Last week ended with more genealogy research on Beau’s family. We visited the county courthouse …Caryn

2022-08-11: Cavalier, ND This week was also my birthday! We didn’t have much of a celebration since there isn’t much around …Caryn

2022-08-11: Cavalier, ND Here are some more photos and anecdotes from our week spent doing genealogy research in northeast …Caryn

2022-08-11: Cavalier, ND This week we’re in northeast North Dakota searching for family history! Beau’s family …Caryn

2022-08-10: Coleharbor, ND We visited the Audubon National Wildlife Refuge and drove along their auto tour route. It was a bit …Caryn

2022-08-09: Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site (Stanton, ND) On Saturday we visited the Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site. The site features a …Caryn

2022-08-06: Pick City, ND Every minute of this sunset just got better and better! Lake Sakakawea State Park.Caryn

2022-08-05: Pick City, ND We were supposed to spend the end of this week at East Totten Trail Campground on Lake Audubon, an …Caryn

2022-08-05: Subscribe to Newsletter Thanks for subscribing to our adventures! Unfortunately our newsletter didn’t go out at the …Caryn

2022-08-03: Tucson, AZ We caught the raptor show at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum outside of Tucson, and it was worth …Caryn

2022-08-02: Epping, ND We’ve been back on the road for a month now and we’ve already traveled through 6 states …Caryn

2022-08-01: Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site (Williston, ND) The Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site wasn’t a fort, but was the longest-lasting fur …Caryn

2022-07-31: Theodore Roosevelt National Park (Medora, ND) Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota was the site of the cattle ranch where he went to …Caryn

2022-07-29: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Ajo, AZ) Here’s a few more from our time at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument back in January 2022! The …Caryn

2022-07-29: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Ajo, AZ) Flashback to our first national park together (with Reba), Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in …Caryn

2022-07-27: Belle Fourche, SD Rocky Point State Recreation Area in South Dakota, a lovely place to spend a few days before heading …Caryn

2022-07-25: Badlands National Park (Interior, SD) We drove the Badlands National Park loop yesterday, enjoying the amazing rock formations and …Caryn

2022-07-24: Wall, SD Sunset to sunrise, the Badlands has been putting on a show!Caryn

2022-07-23: Wall, SD Boondocking in the Badlands. It was 100* yesterday and I thought we might bake overnight. Eventually …Caryn

2022-07-22: Mount Rushmore National Memorial (Keystone, SD) Yesterday was a busy day, we visited Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial. I also went for a …Caryn

2022-07-20: Custer, WY Custer State Park. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…Caryn

2022-07-19: Custer, WY So much to experience and explore! We’ve seen burros, more than a dozen deer, prairie dogs, …Caryn

2022-07-18: Devils Tower National Monument (Devils Tower, WY) From the Tetons we headed to Devils Tower National Monument. We stayed at the KOA just outside of …Caryn

2022-07-16: Grand Teton National Park (Moose, WY) On Sunday we left Yellowstone and headed for Grand Teton National Park. We got all set up at our …Caryn

2022-07-11: Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone, WY) A few more videos from Yellowstone…Caryn

2022-07-11: Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone, WY) On Saturday we drove the northern loop of Yellowstone, where we saw TWO bears, as well as many elk …Caryn

2022-07-09: Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone, WY) We took a 9 hour bus tour of the southern loop of Yellowstone yesterday. It was so nice to have …Caryn

2022-07-08: Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone, WY) In our first hour at Yellowstone we saw elk, coyote, and bison! What an incredible place!Caryn

2022-07-07: Bozeman, MT A lovely day in Bozeman! We went to the American Computer and Robotics Museum, the Museum of the …Caryn

2022-07-05: National Bison Range (Charlo, MT) We found the herd! Approximatelv 350-500 bison roam at The National Bison Range on 18,000+ acres in …Caryn

2022-07-04: Glacier National Park (West Glacier, MT) Due to late-season snow and heavy rainfall the Going to the Sun road hasn’t fully opened yet, so our …Caryn

2022-07-03: Glacier National Park (West Glacier, MT) Glacier National Park, before all the rain and lightning ⛈Caryn

2022-07-02: Seattle, WA After 10 weeks visiting friends and family in our home state of WA, we’ve hit the road again! First …Caryn

2022-04-17: Seattle, WA We drove 12k+ miles across 10 states and visited 15 national park sites in the 6 months we’ve …Caryn

2022-03-30: Texas We had high winds while driving between Tulsa and Abilene, and suddenly heard what sounded like …Caryn

2022-03-28: Tulsa, OK In Oklahoma we visited the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa and stayed at the Keystone Dam, just the …Caryn

2022-03-27: Fort Smith, AR While in Fort Smith visiting family we drove up to Bentonville to see the Crystal Bridges Museum of …Caryn

2022-03-26: Arkansas We visited more National Park sites in Arkansas than any other state we’ve visited so far: 1. …Caryn

2022-03-24: Las Vegas, NV Hug the ones you love! We were on our way from Abilene to Amarillo on Monday when we got the call …Caryn

2022-03-20: Hot Springs National Park (Hot Springs, AR) Lake Catherine State Park and Hot Springs National Park in AR We tend to not stay in one place too …Caryn

2022-03-17: Murfreesboro, AR Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas is the only diamond mine in the world where the public can …Caryn

2022-03-14: New Orleans, LA He loves me 🥰Caryn

2022-03-13: New Orleans, LA When in New Orleans: Eat, drink, and enjoy! We had (just to name a few) beignets, French 75’s, …Caryn

2022-03-12: New Orleans, LA Misty morning on the muddy MississippiCaryn

2022-03-10: Houston, TX When on a road trip in TX, #bucees 🦫 is a must!Caryn

2022-03-09: Houston, TX Saw our first ever rodeo in Houston this week!Caryn

2022-03-04: Austin, TX Austin has been showing off this week, we’re loving this beautiful weather!Caryn

2022-03-03: Austin, TX We coincidentally ended up in the same city as Beau’s sister!Caryn

2022-03-01: Austin, TX We finally found some sun in Austin!Caryn

2022-02-28: Texas RVing in winter for us has mostly involved trying to outrun the weather, here’s just a sample of our …Caryn

2022-02-22: Indio, CA Flashback to our first time boondocking! BLM Joshua Tree South in January. We were invited to a …Caryn

2022-02-20: Amistad National Recreation Area (Del Rio, TX) Amistad National Recreation Area at the Governor’s Landing Campground, surrounded by camper vans …Caryn

2022-02-19: Marfa, TX an abduction wasn’t in the cards but the art was nice (at tumble in rv park in marfa, tx)Beau

2022-02-16: San Diego, CA Flashback to the day we bought the RV - September 2021!Caryn

2022-02-13: everywhere we've been so far Beau

2022-02-12: our first battle wound! we camped just south of white’s city and the wind was so bad it broke the air strut on the door when …Beau

2022-02-12: Carlsbad, NM south of carlsbad, nmBeau