The Adventures of Reba

Maui, HI

Beau’s mom called us a couple months ago and asked what we were doing in November, she said she wanted to fly us and Beau’s sister+family somewhere. Maui is that somewhere! 🥰 We decided to come a couple days early for some alone time and stayed at a GREAT little hotel in Paia, close to the beach, shops, and restaurants!

Our vacations historically are more likely to look like “How many things can we cram in?” than they are to look like this…just sitting on a beach somewhere. It’s a lovely change.

It’s also strange to travel with your home for a year, with all its comforts and your most needed possessions, and then to travel without it and have to pack and decide what you’ll bring. Loving Maui, and also appreciating our little #homeonwheels