The Adventures of Reba

Albuquerque, NM

It took 11 hours for us to get from Zion to Albuquerque, it was a windy day and there was a mini sand storm (you can see a bit of the sand haze in the last photo). We had to be at the dealership at 7:30a the next day, and wound up spending 7.5 hours there while having regular service and 3 engine recalls done on the RV. We hung out in 3 separate dealerships that day, including one that had a delicious restaurant and one that was much quieter than the one that was doing our service. Beau had quite the office 🤣 And we got to see some hot air balloons! The next day we left for Las Cruces, a stopover on our way to Texas.

Have I mentioned we’re tired? Since heading out on this leg July 1 we’ve stayed overnight in 37 different places, averaging 2.5 nights per location. We’re looking forward to Texas and being slightly more stationary for a couple of weeks!