The Adventures of Reba

Pick City, ND

We were supposed to spend the end of this week at East Totten Trail Campground on Lake Audubon, an Army Corps of Engineers campground, but when we arrived the 30amp on our power post had been melted by a previous camper 😖 We made do with the 20amp overnight, but in the heat of the day we kept tripping the breaker. We switched to an empty neighbor’s power post for a few hours, but could see the whole campground was going to fill up over the weekend, as were most of the campgrounds at surrounding parks. We were lucky enough to snag an incredible spot at Lake Sakakawea State Park and decided to make the move yesterday, it was worth it! We have an incredible view of the lake, and walked over to their shop to grab some ice cream and enjoy the sunset last night.

Hot tip if you’re visiting North Dakota state parks, buy an annual pass - it’s good for all the state parks and will save you some money on their daily fees!

First photo is from Lake Audubon, the rest are from Lake Sakakawea.