The Adventures of Reba

Hope, BC

Several years ago, for Christmas, we gave my parents a promise to go on a trip to Canada together. Life got in the way and the next year we promised them an even better trip to Canada - taking the Clipper and for longer. Then COVID happened. We didn’t get to go, but we both wound up buying RV’s, so when Beau and I first started planning our trip to Alaska, we invited my parents to join us for the beginning of it. It only took 5 years, but we finally fulfilled the presents!

Together we left from Bellingham, WA on May 23. We crossed the border at Sumas, WA and had slightly different experiences: My parents took a faster line and spoke to the border agent for less than a minute, we wound up being the first people through after a shift change and the agent really wanted to ask someone (us) ALL of the questions. But we got through without any issue, did a quick stock up of groceries and exchange of dollars, then headed to our first stop of the trip, Hope BC.