The Adventures of Reba

Road Life Realities

Day 1 - Great Sand Dunes National Park

Day 2 - We drove back to Colorado Springs to pick up a couple of orders we otherwise wouldn’t be able to get for a few weeks, driving more than 8 hours and ending up at Mesa Verde (we were gone for 12 hours total that day)

Day 3 - We did a little exploring on our own and then a 4 hour tour of Mesa Verde

Day 4 - After a horrible night of sleep we hit the road by 6a, stopped at a national park site, then headed for Utah where we got a speeding ticket, sat on a random street in Moab so Beau could work for several hours, checked in at our campsite, and then went and explored Arches

Day 5 - Caryn ran a training at work all day then did 2 weeks of laundry

Day 6 - We had to move sites and had a 4 hour window between checking out of the first place and checking in at the second place, during that window we went grocery shopping and then sat in the parking lot of the store so Beau could work (thankfully no one seemed to mind)

Day 7 - Canyonlands National Park

Day 8 - Beau worked and then we stopped at Capitol Reef National Park on our way to a state park campsite

Day 9 - Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 10 - Zion National Park

Around Day 5 we decided that we would probably skip the rest of Utah and head straight for Santa Fe next with the hopes of maybe just being in one spot for a couple of weeks to recover before the next adventure, so we scheduled regular maintenance for our RV with a Mercedes dealership in Albuquerque (Santa Fe dealership couldn’t get us in until November), and then realized…we were going to be there during the big balloon festival, which would be cool to see, but this close to time is challenging to plan and increasing the costs, so we’re back to the drawing board.

Not complaining, I love every minute of this exhaustion, but also to be real, traveling all the time is sometimes very tiring 😴