The Adventures of Reba

Zion National Park

The last of the Mighty 5 parks we visited, I wondered if Zion would live up to the hype, if it would pale in comparison to the others, if we did enough while there for it to leave an impression. When I look at all the photos we took, though, I marvel at this life we’re living, and I have to fight back the tears that come with such joy. Honestly, road life isn’t always sunshine on towering cliffs and deer munching on grass just feet away, sometimes it’s doing hard things and going outside your comfort zone and too much stuff in a tiny space. BUT it’s also living the life we want now, no waiting for someday. After 10 years of working with cancer patients, I know that too often someday doesn’t come. Zion, to me, is overwhelming gratitude to have stood there, in that place, at that moment, with the sun and the cliffs and the deer, the person I love, and our RV named Reba.