The Adventures of Reba

Bradley, CA

When my grandfather, Archie, died my parents moved my grandmother into their home, thinking she probably wasn’t long for this world either. No one expected she’d live another 26 years, dying just one month shy of her 99th birthday! Nellie Bell is survived by her son and his wife, 3 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great grandchildren. Her legacy will continue with each of us, who will remember her stories, her sass, and all the moments from these extra years we got to spend together. She is loved and missed, what a lady!

In February my family gathered to spread her ashes in the river of the small town where she used to live in Bradley CA, near Paso Robles. It was a weekend filled with memories, comparing what’s changed with what’s remained since we were last here together over 20 years ago. The population has increased by 50, a couple shops were converted to apartments, the statue outside the church has been painted, there’s new playground equipment at the K-8 school, and the river has less brush and more rocks. But otherwise, it’s about the same as it’s ever been. Farewell Nellie Bell, thanks for bringing us here again, hope you find your Archie!