The Adventures of Reba

Divide, CO

Mueller State Park. Sometimes the beauty of a place will completely surprise me. We look at maps and satellite images, maybe see a couple of photos, but you can’t really get the feel of a place until you’re in it. The winding drive up and up through red rocks and ponderosa pines, the altitude and the way the clouds envelope you, the elk and the wild turkeys and the woodpeckers and the squirrels hurriedly harvesting pine cones. The temperature for us dropped from a high of 98 in Denver to a low of 38 with wind chill here, we had to turn on our heater for the first time in many months and woke to frost covering the morning. There is space to breathe, though it takes a small effort at 10k feet. The space we occupy, just temporary parking, but also home.

There are 2 wild turkeys in the above photo, can you spot them?